Custom Foals





Custom Foal by Embryo Transfer Program

All 2014 contracts are sold. We are, however, taking reservations already for 2015!!

The mares offered in our custom foal program are very fertile, and all have good conformation, movement, temperament and handleability, and strong pedigrees, all of which is very important for your foal's future! Most have had a successful sport career. All mares are proven producers of exceptional quality of foals. We are very proud of our mares and we would be very pleased to help you get started on your custom foal process.

Each mare's health is maintained with vaccinations, deworming, farrier and appropriate veterinary care. Each spring each mare undergoes a full prebreeding exam to ensure she is healthy. Proof of a clean culture can be provided upon request. We do everything possible to make this a stress-free experience and you get our full attention. We ensure the mare is at the vet's facility in perfect time so you get a viable embryo and successful pregnancy with a live foal guarantee. When your foal is born, stands, nurses, and survives for 7 days, then we consider it mission accomplished!  In the mares carrying the pregnancy  for you, your fee includes training the foal to be halter broker, pick up its feet, and grooming.

* * Note: Mare books are limited to ensure every client gets our full attention and the client obtains a successful pregnancy.

The steps to achieve the foal of your dreams are as easy as 1, 2, 3!
1.  Choose a mare from the list below, sign the contract and pay her fee.
2.  Choose an approved stallion and pay his stud fee.
3.  If applicable, choose a recipient mare: You can either choose to have your viable embryo(s) shipped directly to your vet facility for your own recipient mare, or you can lease a recipient mare here for an additional fee. Contact us for details.

Please feel free to contact us to learn more about obtaining the foal of your dreams!



Bernstein / Maraton / Toreador

17.2HH buckskin imported Swedish Warmblood mare

Sport Type: Dressage.

Approved: ASVH (Sweden), SWANA, RPSI Main Mare Book.

Nicole produces foals that are typey, intelligent, well conformed, with very good quality gaits and an athleticism that is proven in the Dressage ring. Nicole's foals also have a 50% chance of being a dilute colour.

Nicole is extremely fertile, frequently producing twins (which doubles your chances of success).

Fee: $1600 CAD (booking fee $400) - SOLD.

Nidoeschka, imported KWPN mare


Belisar / Actueel / Nabuur

16HH Chestnut imported KWPN mare

Sport Type: Show Jumping or Fancy Hunter, Dressage.

Approved: KWPN, KWPN-NA, Oldenburg

Nidoeschka produces exceptional quality of foals with a bright look, easy handleability. She has offspring who are better in quality than she is every single time without exception and her offspring under saddle are proven winners in the show ring. Her foals have excellent type, quality of movement, are very intelligent and have excellent temperament. Her 2013 colt sired by Banderas sold to Texas as a Jumper prospect.

Nidoeschka always becomes in foal in 1st or 2nd cycle.

Fee: $1600 CAD (booking fee $400) - SOLD.

Royal Dawn

Royal Senna / Sepoy xx / Cassaleria xx

16.3HH Black CW mare.

Approval: CWHBA.

Dawn's 2013 filly sired by Dannebrog was exquisite. A real beauty with lovely movement and 3 pure gaits.

Dawn has, to date, become in foal on 1st cycle using frozen semen.

Fee: $1400 CAD (booking fee $400) - SOLD.


Westporte / Belisar / Actueel

16.1HH Chestnut Oldenburg mare.

Sport Type: Hunter or Dressage.

Approval: Hanoverian Verband.

Lexi's first filly was easy to handle and of exceptional type and quality. This 2013 filly won the Best Dressage Foal award by the Hanoverian Verband at the Spruce Meadows Hanoverian Mare and Foal Show.

Wailea is currently in foal, due late May, after which she will be available for 1 contract in 2014.

Wailea has, to date, become in foal on 1st cycle with both frozen and fresh semen.

Fee: $1600 CAD (booking fee $400) -SOLD.