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Born 2007, Chestnut, 16.1-1/2 hands.

Breed: Hanoverian

Approved: Hanoverian

Dannebrog Don Schufro Donnerhall
Fiesta Pik Bube
SPS Byzantina Brentano II Bolero
SPS Kasaried Arogno
SPS Karied

Performance Test Overview

kind of performance test Total place Teiln. test date place partial valuation note/index place  
300-day-test -riding horses 122,985 4 30 14.10.2010 Adelheidsdorf
Dressage 135,74 3  
Jumping 84,63 20  

Dannebrog is the Hanoverian Approved Stallion sired by Blue Hors Don Schufro, and out of the very exceptional State Premium Mare, Byzantina (by Brentano II). He displays exceptional temperament, rideability and 3 high quality, pure gaits with exceptional conformation. He scored 135.74 on his Stallion Performance Test in 2010, placing 3rd in Dressage. Most notably, due to his high character, rideability and conformational scores, he placed 4th overall out of a class of 30 stallions. From his first foal crop in 2011, Dannebrog had 9 young stallions presented by breeders to the 2-year-old licensing selection committee, a testament that breeders in Germany are seeing outstanding quality from his foals. Dannebrog's frozen semen is of very good quality and fertility. Mariposa Sport Horses is very pleased with the arrival of our exquisite filly, Danika, sired by Dannebrog who arrived in 2013. This cross was so exceptional, we are repeating this breeding for a 2015 foal, as well as breeding a second mare to Dannebrog.

Dannebrog's sire,Blue Hors Don Schufro, is world-renowned. His resume as a performance horse and sire of outstanding competition and breeding horses is exceptional. He is considered to be Germany's best sire, despite standing in Denmark and has lead the FN breeding index in 1st place 10 times and 2nd place for 3 times out of the last 13 years.  He is an exceptional sire, who reliably passes on his quality of type, brilliant gaits, and exceptional rideability. He has produced numerous champion offspring, state premium mares, and approved stallion sons standing in numerous countries. In 2013, his daughter, Weihegold, was Oldenburg Champion Mare. This after having already been the Oldenburg Regional Champion Mare as both a 4 and 5 year old, plus won the final of the Nurnberger Burgpokal in Frankfurt. Over the years, Don Schufro has produced such exceptional offspring such as Tausendundeine Nacht, who sold for the top price of 160,000 Euros at the Vechta Elite Auction in 2012. His son, Blue Boy, was highly placed in World Cup qualifiers, and many of other offspring are successful at the Grand Prix level, including Dorina, Bocello, Dondolo, Paragon and Donna Silver. His outstanding daughter, Uno Donna Unique, was the World Champion of 6-year-old dressage horses in 2010. Another champion mare, Traversdale, was also the 2010 Oldenburg Regional Champion mare. She currently has 20 wins at advanced level dressage at the S level. Don Schufro himself has many, many wins and championships to his credit, starting from his first championship in Young Horse competition, culminating in his Team Bronze Medal at the Hong Kong Olympics in 2008.  Don Schufro's pedigree is the perfect nick between Donnerhall and Pik Bube I. His damline is the successful Vornholzer damline which has produced more than 40 licensed stallions, including such stallions as Adelfos, Aldato, Don Primero, Rio Negro, etc., not to mention many, many horses performing at the International level of competition. Don Schufro's full sisters have become the dams of stallions such as Sunny Boy, Capuccino, and Pentagon's Peron.

Dannebrog's grandsire, Donnerhall needs very little introduction. Under Karin Rehbein, his sport career reigned supreme with many, many wins in the international arena. His lifetime achievement in sport is astounding winning a lifetime earnings of 640,000 DM in winnings in Dressage competition. As a breeding stallion, Donnerhall's legacy continues. Even after his death, Donnerhall's family dynasty continues to be the leader in all of sport breeding, and his influence continues to be very strong such that he was awarded Oldenburg Stallion of the Year twice in his lifetime, It is beyond question that Donnerhall succeeded in founding his own stallion line. He was an exceptional sire who was even permitted to cover Holstein mares and Donnerhall is recognized in the Netherlands, Belgium, Canada, U.S.A., Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Switzerland, the UK, as well as in France. His sons, daughters and grandkids and continue to show his remarkable traits, namely rideability, intellect, and dressage ability. Year after year at stallion performance tests and competitions around the world, you see Donnerhall progeny scoring very high marks and he continues to lead the FN and WBFSH values.

Dannebrog's Motherline is simply outstanding. His mother, State Premium Mare, Byzantina, is the half-sister of the licensed stallion Kafka (sired by Elimcal xx and out of the SPM EM Kasaried). SPM Byzantina is registered in the Hanoverian Studbook following her own successful Mare Performance Test and following the Mare Show in Göttingen, she was awarded 1st class State Premium award. Dannebrog's maternal bloodline goes back to the famous damline of the mare, Kassette which has its origins in the Main Trakehner State Stud. Important premium stallions like Karon (sire of Caprimond), Kostolany (who was victorious and highly-placed at advanced level dressage competitions and who is the grandsire to Totilas), K2 (who was Champion Stallion of the Trakehner Stallion Licensing in 2001), and Don Kennedy (Champion Stallion of the Oldenburg Stallion Licensing in 2003) all descend from this lineage.

Her sire, Brentano II, is very highly regarded in Hanover. Born in 1983, he passed his stallion licensing in 1985. At his 3-year-old SPT in 1986 in Adelheidsdorf, he scored a remarkable 141.41 points for his dressage, a respectable 105 points for jumping and overall score of 129.97 ranking 2nd out of 32 stallions. Brentano's career as a breeding stallion was remarkable. He has produced many champion offspring, at least least 16 approved stallion sons including Benetton Dream, Belstaff, Ballettmeister, and Bonheur, amongst others. His mares are very highly regarded, many awarded State Premium. He was known for passing along good temperament and rideability. For the quality of his offspring, Brentano II was awarded Hanoverian Stallion of the Year in 2003.

Dannebrog's grandmother, Kasaried, is awarded both her State Premium Mare and Elite Mare awards for her outstanding production as a broodmare. Every single filly she produced is a state premium mare! She, herself, won her Mare Performance Test in Münster-Handorf in 1986. Following this, she won the Riding Horse Ability Class and later, the Show Division at the Bavarian Agricultural Event in Munich in 1987 where she registered scores of 9 for type, 9 for gaits, 9 for impulsion and power. Her daughter, State Premium Mare Kapried (by Pascal) was Champion Mare at her Mare Performance Test in 1986. Her daughter, Verband Premium Mare, Kaperied (by Pascal), repeated the honour by winning her respective Mare Performance Test in 1988. In 2002, Kasaried produced her daughter State Premium Mare Kassaried (by Salazar) who was also awarded State Premium and Champion Mare at her Mare Performance Test. Kasaried produced the approved stallion, Kafka (by Elimcal xx) in 1995 (half sibling to Dannebrog's mother) in 1997. In 1998, she produced champion filly Wolkenspiel (by Wolkenstein I) who was awarded Hanoverian Champion Foal at the Foal Show in Fulda by the Hanoverian Society. Kasaried was sired by the exceptional Trakehner stallion, Arogno.

State Premium, Elite Mare Kasaried

Elite Horse Arogno is, by far, considered to be the most influential Trakehner stallion in post World War 2 time. He was considered to have perfect conformation with a very lovely face and neck along with excellent movement in all 3 gaits, and superior rideability. He was Reserve Champion stallion at his grading in Neumünster As a 3-year-old, he was Reserve Champion Bundeschampionate and finished his Stallion Performance Test as the best Trakehner stallion examined that year. Arogno was particularly successful in the breeding shed. He produced such notable offspring as TCM Partous, ridden by Anky van Grunsven and many of his stallion sons were champions of their respective licensing, including Schwadroneur ridden by Anne Gethe winning 36 Grand Prix competitions. His son, Hertug, was unbeaten in competition at all his Young Horse Championships and was considered to be one of his very best sons. He was later ridden by Andreas Helgestrand for many wins at the Grand Prix. Arogno's mares were particular sought out as he produced broodmares of particularly high calibre. Arogno's most successful family branch, however, comes through his stallion son, Karon, who competed to the highest level of dressage, but also produced such outstanding stallion sons himself including the great Caprimond, who was Reserve Champion at his Trakehner keuring and Champion Stallion of his performance test. Caprimond became a consistent champion in Grand Prix tests starting as young as 7 years of age. Caprimond's best son is Hohenstein who also was to become Trakehner Stallion of the Year in 2002.

Dannebrog's mother, State Premium Mare Byzantina has produced the following exceptional offspring:
* 2001 SPM Londy's Princess (by Londonderry). She won her division of 4 to 6 year old mares and was Champion Mare of the Göttingen Mare Show in 2005. She was sold to Austria.
* 2002 Lorigno (by Londonderry), stallion prospect, sold to Ramsbrock Stable in Germany. He was a very promising young stallion who unfortunately had to be retired early due to a severe injury.
* 2003, SPM Lovely Kiss (by Londonderry). She won her 3-year-old mares division very convincingly and was named Champion Mare of the Göttingen Mare Show in 2006. Her walk was especially convincing as well as her supple overall movement and captivating type. She was thus awarded her State Premium title. Later as a young horse in competition, she achieved 2nd place in the Riding Horse Ability Class at Alsfeld in 2006. Later, she won her Riding Horse Class at the Whitesun Championships in Wartenberg-Landenhausen against a very strong field. She took highest scores of 8.6 overall, an 8.5 for trot, canter 8.5, walk 7.5, conformation 9.5, rideability 9.0 and overall impression of 9.0. At the time of this show, she had only been ridden under saddle for 10 weeks, proving her tremendous rideability and willingness to perform under saddle!
* 2004 La Perla (by Londonderry). In 2008, she was presented to the studbook where judges awarded her six scores of 8's, as well as 9's for her trot, 9 for impulsion and elasticity, and received an overall score of 8. She went on to prove herself in the Mare Performance Test receiving an overall score of 8. Following this, at the Mare Show in Döttingen, she was awarded 4th place out of 41 mares in the 4-year-old division. She was sold to Denmark.
* 2006 filly, Deauville (by Blue Hors Don Schufro), and full sister to Dannebrog, was selected for the Elite Auction in Vechta and was described as "a ballet dancer with optimized bloodlines, powerful movements with good leverage from behind". She was sold for a very good price to a dressage stable in Germany.
* In 2007 she produced the Approved Stallion, Dannebrog, who later took 3rd place in the dressage performance test with the high score of 135.74 points, and was placed 4th overall in a class of 30 stallions. He was sold to the Hanoverian Celle State Stud, where he currently stands.
* 2009 mare, Diva Dannebrog (by Blue Hors Don Schufro), another full sister to Dannebrog, and is an extremely brilliant young mare with high expectations. She was entered into the studbook as a State Premium Candidate with extraordinary results. At her Mare Performance Test, the judges awarded this outstanding mare 11 scores of 9s for her outstanding quality of gaits, her brilliant rideability, and her overall studbook impression.

                                                                                                                                                                             Dannebrog as a 2-1/2 year old.


Dam:  SPM Byzantina Full Sister: SPC Diva Dannebrog (Don Schufro) Full Sister: Deauville (Don Schufro) Half-Sister: SPM Londy's Princess (Londonderry)
Half-sister: SPM Lovely Kiss (Londonderry) Half-sister:  La Perle (Londonderry) Half-sibling to SPM Byzantina: Approved Stallion Kafka Granddam: SPM & EM Kasaried
Sire: Don Schufro Grandsire: Donnerhall Damsire: Brentano II Dam's damsire: Elite Horse Arogno