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The lovely broodmares offered in this program are all of exceptional temperament, pedigree, and conformation. This program is an excellent option for someone who wants a foal but does not have a broodmare, or who wants a foal providing valuable foundational lineages to cross with the popular stallions.

Royal Dawn: $10,000 CAD (Recommended for frozen or fresh semen.) 

What is included:
1. We pay all insemination and vet fees.                  
2. Complete mare care.
3. Registration, branding, microchipping, DNA parentage verification, and transfer of ownership of the foal.
4. First veterinary check within 48 hours of birth.
5. Live foal guarantee - foal is born, stands, nurses, pees, poops, and survives for 3 days. Should this not occur, the mare is rebred.

What is not included:
1. Stud fee.
2. Foal care expenses after it is born such as deworming, farrier, veterinary, vaccinations.
3. Insurance for foal.
4. Board for foal after weaning.

Nicole - $1600 CAD (Recommended for fresh semen.)
Nidoeschka - $1600 CAD (Recommended for fresh semen.)
Royal Dawn - $1500 CAD (Recommended for frozen or fresh semen.)

What is included:
1. Shipping of mare to veterinary facility.
2. Clean culture and ensuring the mare is in optimum health.

What is not included:
1. Stud fee and semen shipping.
2. Vet fees for the insemination, embryo retrieval and insertion into surrogate.
3. Surrogate mare, if you are using a mare owned by the vet.

Optional: Recipient Mare may be boarded at our place for a very reasonable boarding fee of $450 per month. The Recipient Mare should be moved to the veterinary clinic for foaling out approximately 30 days prior to expected foaling. We do not charge additional board for the nursing foal!

Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information. We are happy to answer all of your questions and are strong believers in open, honest communication with our clients!



ES Bernstein 761 Napoleon 625 Iran 533
Josephine 8620
El. Premium Bristol Cream 13548 Kew Gardens xx
Bragansa 9664
Elite Norea 21335 Maraton 600 Utrillo (Han)
Fairy 9175
Elite Nirosa 13262 Toreador 418
Nicette 9368

Registration Choices: SWANA, RPSI, CW

Sport: Dressage

Nicole is a proven and very fertile mare, often producing viable twin embryos which is why she is offered as an embryo transfer mare - viable twinning doubles your chances of success from standard single-embryo transfers!

Nicole's offspring do well in dressage and show jumping. Her bloodlines are some of the best Sweden has to offer with a very high success rate in international competition. Her foals, like her, have excellent character, temperament, conformation, movement, and super rideability and trainability. No vices whatsoever, and her exceptional character and happy personality are what made her such a fun mare to ride and straight forward to handle overall. READ MORE HERE ...

Nicole is available to have embryos drawn from her. She is recommended for fresh semen.

NOTE: This is the last year Nicole will be offered for any ET breeding and the last chance to obtain a foal from this special mare.



Belisar, Ster Saros xx Charlottown xx
Sayonara xx
Sinthia, Keur, Pref, Prest. Normand
Cieta, Ster Pref
Idoeschka, Keur Actueel Saluut (Holstein Stallion of the Year, twice!)
Sinda Keur, Pref, Prest.
Dauphine Keur, Pref, Prest. Nabuur
Walsmusette Keur Pref

Registration Choices: KWPN, Old/ISR, CW

Sport: Show Jumping, Fancy Hunter, Dressage

Nidoeschka out-produces herself every single time, true to her very good damline. She produces stunning, Premium offspring who win at the shows. Her foals have super rideability, good conformation, gaits, and exceptional temperament and character. Nidoeschka will produce either a dressage or jumper foal, depending on the stallion. No vices whatsoever. READ MORE HERE ...

Nidoeschka is available to have an embryo drawn from her. She is recommended for fresh semen.

NOTE: This is the last year Nidoeschka will be offered for any ET breeding and the last opportunity to obtain a foal from her valuable bloodline.


Royal Dawn


Royal Senna Rubinstein Rosenkavalier
SPS Antine
SPS Argentina Airport
SPS Andorra
Come Spring xx Sepoy xx Cipayo xx
Menorca xx
Spring Preview xx Cassaleria xx
Prevenue xx

Registration Choices: CWHBA

Sport: Dressage or fancy Hunter

Dawn is a young and very fertile mare. She has a perfect record of 1-cycle pregnancy for every pregnancy thus far, with either frozen semen or fresh-chilled semen. Her first filly is gorgeous and exceeded our expectations. She is currently in foal, due June 2015.

Pictures never do Dawn any justice whatsoever. She is a pretty mare, correct conformation, good movement, and powerful hindquarter. She has a friendly, straight-forward temperament with good handleability, and super character. Her bloodline, especially her TB heritage, is among the best in North America, reading the who's who of TB foundational sires who produced some of the best warmblood bloodlines in the world. Dawn's character and temperament is straight forward, uncomplicated, respectful and kind. She does not have any vices whatsoever. READ MORE HERE ...

Dawn can carry the pregnancy or have an embryo drawn from her. She is recommended for either frozen semen or cooled semen.



Youngsters: We always include and pay for registration, DNA parentage, microchipping and transfer of ownership. The registry will send the updated papers directly to you.

Dannebrog Don Schufro Donnerhall
SPS Byzantina Brentano II
SPS Kasaried
Royal Dawn Royal Senna Rubinstein I
SPS Argentina
Come Spring xx Sepoy xx
Spring Preview xx

Danika For sale $14,000

2013 Chestnut CW filly.

This is a very beautiful, correct filly with lovely movement and world class pedigree containing Olympic champions and producers of Olympic champions. She will be a top dressage prospect as well as broodmare prospect. She currently stands over 16HH and will finish around 16.3 to 17HH.


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