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Royal Dawn, 9-year-old Canadian Warmblood broodmare.

Dawn is a very people-friendly mare who has produced 2 lovely foals so far. Her first filly sired by Dannebrog exceeded expectations. Her second foal, sired by Fabregas, is a lovely colt who will make his future owners very happy and should be suitable for either dressage or hunter. We are downsizing our herd and are making some hard decisions; therefore, Dawn is up for sale. We think she would be best suited in hunter breeding. Dawn is very easy to breed and historically has become in foal on 1st cycle of breeding using either frozen semen or cooled semen. She has uncomplicated pregnancies and deliveries and is a very good mom. Her foals are born sturdy, strong, correct, and vigorous at birth. Dawn was inspected and is fully approved with Canadian Warmblood. She is currently open and could sell open ready to breed to the stallion of your choice, or she could be bred to Sir Wanabi, who is an outstanding Hanoverian hunter stallion with many wins in the show ring. He passes on his superb temperament, jumping ability, and gaits.


Royal Senna Rubinstein I Rosenkavalier Romadour II
Antine Angelo xx
SPS Argentina Airport Argentan
Andorra Aperitif
Come Spring xx
Approved CW
Sepoy xx Cipayo Lacydon
Menorca Dream Dance
Spring Preview Cassaleria xx Pretense
Special Charm
Prevenue Utopico



Falerno MSH, Born June 14, 2015
For sale $10,000 CAD

Fabregas Florencio Florestan I Fidelio
Walessa Weltmeyer
SPS Dschinn De Niro Donnerhall
Lost Girl Lanthan
Royal Dawn Royal Senna Rubinstein I Rosenkavalier
SPS Argentina Airport
Come Spring xx Sepoy xx Cipayo xx
Menorca xx
Spring Preview xx Cassaleria xx
Prevenue xx


Gorgeous, correct colt already showing a super walk, expressive trot and canter. He is a top candidate for either dressage or fancy hunter. Sired by Fabregas, who scored excellent marks in both gaits and jumping in his stallion performance test, and out of a versatile Royal Senna mare who carries exceptional sport horse foundational TB lines of Son-In-Law xx, Furioso xx, Cottage Son xx, Ladykiller xx, Owen Tudor (grandsire of Lauries Crusador xx), and Persian Gulf xx (grandsire to Paradox I and II). This colt will be going places! He has the temperament suitable for both professional and amateur alike, and the movement capable of top of sport. He is expected to grow to approximately 16.2HH.

Contact us for more information and to come see this special colt.


The lovely broodmares offered in the ET and Pregnancy Program are all of exceptional temperament, pedigree, and conformation. This program is an excellent option for someone who wants a foal but does not have a broodmare, or who wants a foal providing valuable foundational lineages to cross with the popular stallions.


What is included:
1. The mare's genes!
2. Shipping of mare to veterinary facility.
3. Clean culture and ensuring the mare is in optimum health.

What is not included:
1. Stud fee and semen shipping.
2. Surrogate mare, if you are using a mare owned by the vet.
3. Shipping of embryo, (if applicable).
4. Vet fees for insemination, flushing of embryo.

Optional: If using the vet's recipient mare, she may be boarded at our place for a very reasonable boarding fee of $350 per month until she needs to come into a stall and then it is $450 per month. The Recipient Mare should be moved to the veterinary clinic for foaling out. We do not charge additional board for the nursing foal.

CUSTOM FOAL (Pregnancy):

What is included:
1. The mare's genes!
2. Shipping of mare to veterinary facility and all veterinary insemination charges.
3. Clean culture and ensuring the mare is in optimum health.
4. Complete mare care (hay, grain/minerals, farrier, vaccinations, deworming, etc).

What is not included:
1. Stud fee and semen shipping of semen to the veterinary facility.
2. Foal insurance (optional, strongly recommended).
3. Foal care after delivery (veterinary, farrier, vaccinations, deworming)
4. We do not charge board for nursing foals.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information. We are happy to answer all of your questions and are strong believers in open, honest communication with our clients!



Rascalino Rotspon Rubinstein
SPS Antalia
Velvet Velten Third
Wailea Westporte Wolkentanz I
Nidoeschka Belisar
Idoeschka, Keur

Registration Choices: Hanoverian, KWPN, CWHBA (upon inspection)

Sport: Dressage

2013 Hanoverian Verband Best Dressage Foal
Hanoverian Mare & Foal Show at Spruce Meadows

Rosie is a very pretty, young maiden mare with spectacular bloodlines and 3 very good gaits. She is a very kind, friendly young mare with an excellent, gentle character. Rosie won Best Dressage Foal at the Hanoverian Verband Mare and Foal Show at Spruce Meadows. She is the product of merging two very successful families.

Rosie is available for ET for 2016.


Maiden mare introductory rate:
ET Fee: $2500 CAD
Suitable for cooled or frozen semen.

White Heather


White Star Weltmeyer World Cup I
SPS Anka
SPS Grafin O Glueckstern
SPS Genua
SPS Amelie Allround Argentinus
Starlight Steuben

Registration Choices: Hanoverian, KWPN, CWHBA

Sport: Dressage

Heather is a tall, athletic mare who competed to third level with scores in high 60s to 70s and won her championship at 3rd level. Judges consistently remarked on her ability, brilliant gaits and willingness. She is a very kind, friendly mare with an excellent, gentle character.

Heather is available for ET or ICSI at this time. She is best suited for cooled semen.

Maiden mare introductory rate:
ET Fee: $2500 CAD
Suitable for cooled semen.

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