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We adore our mares! Our well-bred mares are carefully selected, each conforming to the desired standards of our program - good pedigree, outstanding disposition, athletically talented, good conformation, correct gaits, good rideability, handleability, and trainability - and who are able to produce top quality foals with these same qualities, conforming to the standards of the breed registry. 


Pedigree, Disposition, Athleticism

Our foals are correctly handled daily in short time increments to learn basic life skills. By the time they are weaned, each foal is well on their way towards being a solid citizen: Pleasant, polite, and confident. Our foals learn to be caught, haltered, lead, groomed, and have their feet hoof picked within a couple weeks of age. By the time they are weaned, they have learned how to stand for the farrier, and have been bathed, braided, and loaded into a trailer with their mom to travel to their inspection show.


Anticipation, Hope, and
Great Joy

The arrival of a much anticipated foal gives mare owners a rollercoaster of emotions. As a breeder, we completely understand and share this! We provide foaling out services in a clean, calm, quiet environment, where a mare feels safe and private while we watch discreetly on camera, and when her water breaks we are there near her in case she or the foal need help. The watch and care does not stop at birth! We regularly attend to the mare round-the-clock to ensure she is healthy, eating, and drinking appropriately, and to dip the foal's umbilical stump, observe nursing status, and foal's overall health, making notes when the foal meets its required newborn milestones. We also offer limited youngster raising services from foal to the 2-year-old year. Contact us for more information. 

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