Precious are the broodmares. The foundation for all good breeding programs is the quality of the broodmares, and here at Mariposa Sport Horses, the philosophy is exactly this. Our broodmares are carefully selected and the demands are high. The broodmares need to possess the qualities of a good sport horse with all the desirable traits of the same, plus have something extra that makes them worthy of passing along their genetics. They are the ones who carry our precious foals and they are the ones who are tasked with the job of creating the next generation.


Our broodmares are tasked with meeting challenging requirements. They must be of exceptional quality of character and temperament, handeleability, and rideability for starters. If they're not pleasant to handle, they do not get to continue being a broodmare in our program. They must have good gaits, and meet standards required of the breed registry in order to be entered into the studbook by the breed registry through inspection in front of the studbook judging committee. Our mares have varying degrees of sensitivity, but the basic desire of obedience must be present in all cases. We use the term "international quality" carefully because out of many horses produced few actually are, but we are blessed to own such a mare of this type and quality in Videlia. She is a mare with a sharper outlook on life, sensitive, and has very big, forward, extremely high quality gaits, exhibiting considerable potential under saddle that is attractive to the seriously committed and ambitious rider looking to achieve goals amongst the world's elite. Then we have 2 more moderate, national quality type broodmares in Sunata and Rosaleigha. She is a mare who will produce foals for the more ambitious amateur who is a little more serious with their coach, and have goals to become qualified for national competition and perhaps want to achieve FEI Grand Prix level of competition but without all the international travel. The foals can be a little sensitive, but will have excellent gaits and quality of physique. All of our foals are seriously bred to achieve in their sport.  

We enjoy what we do because we have mares who make it very enjoyable. Picking a suitable stallion for each mare is something we take considerable pleasure in doing. The stallion is chosen after considerable research and thought because he keeps the strong traits already present in our mares and maybe adds an improvement somewhere. We take our time and choose carefully because to choose carelessly is an insult to our mares. 

We adore each of our mares as being special and unique. They are part of our family, thus treated with honor, and detailed care and attention is paid to their every need. Please click on each mare's name to read more about her. 

Our Mares

Rascalino - Westporte - Belisar

2013 | 161 cm | Hanoverian

Approved: Inspection pending.
Suitability: Dressage

Baltic Sun 9019 - Pointmaker - Diamont

2001 | 160 cm | Swedish  

Approved: Swedish
Suitability: Dressage

Ferro - Beethoven - Nepal

2002 | 172 cm | Dutch  

Approved: KWPN-NA
Suitability: Dressage

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