Come Spring

1998 | 178 cm | Thoroughbred

Approved: CWHBA
Suitability: Jumping, Hunter, Eventing
Status: Deceased 2008

Come Spring, was a pretty 17.2hh tall British and French-bred Thoroughbred mare with outstanding disposition, intelligence, and 3 very good gait mechanics with a powerful hindquarter engine. Come Spring raced 3 times and earned the Winner's Circle in addition to 2nd and 3rd places before retiring. Come Spring placed 3rd amongst warmblood mares at studbook inspection and earned breeding approval. Judges commented that she was especially the correct type of thoroughbred for use in warmblood improvement breeding due to her exceptional quality of sport type, good conformation, long and correct front legs, and very good, powerful hindquarter engine, her good gaits.

Her pedigree is particularly suited for sport horse breeding, containing the highly regarded stallion Bay Ronald, Dark Ronald and multiple lines to his son, Son-In-Law, as well as Precipitation (sire of Furioso), Persian Gulf (grandsire to Westfalia's Paradox I and II), Cottage Son xx, and her lineage includes Hyperion xx (great-grandsire of Ladykiller xx) all of whom are influential lineages in show jumping. Her TB line also includes Owen Tudor (the direct sireline of Lauries Crusador xx who was notable in dressage breeding). Son-In-Law's lineage in particular was notable for producing the best steeplechasers, eventers, and show jumpers.

This strongly consolidated and linebred pedigree to Dark Ronald strongly influences her daughter, our very own Royal Dawn, who is multi-talented in both jumping and dressage. Unfortunately, Come Spring died unexpectedly, and Royal Dawn was her only foal.


Racing: 2 seasons 2001, 2002 - 1 win, 2nd, and 3rd place, Hastings Racecourse.

Warmblood Inspection: Approved Canadian Warmblood, August 2007, 3rd overall.


Royal Dawn, 2007
Sire: Royal Senna
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