Qaside MD

2013 | 172 cm | DSP

Approved: Westfalen, ZfdP, ZSSE. Further associations upon request.

Foals Accepted By: KWPN-NA (Registry A), CWHBA, CSHA

Motherline: Trakehner Harda, T14 N 2
Suitability: Dressage

Price: $1350 Canadian Per Dose ($1000 USD)

Dose: 4-6 straws, depending on collection.

In Stock: Frozen semen stored in Ontario, Canada.
Genetic Testing: WFFS N/N (noncarrier); colour tested eeAA CrCr

Qaside MD is a young stallion who offers a generous step with a lot of tact, activity, and elasticity. He has a kind and generous character for which he earned a 9.5 at his testing, a calm demeanor, and regal stance. Qaside earned a premium at his licensing at the ZfdP where he was a favorite among the crowd, and became the first cremello stallion fully licensed in Germany. Even as a foal at the Fohlenschau in Pretzier caused a sensation as he emerged victorious with a10 for his trot. At Klosterhof Medingen he was awarded the qualification for the Dt. Foal champion from all 3 judges with a 9.5 each for his movement. He was also a reserve champion of the dressage colts at the Fohlenchampionat in Neustadt/Dosse. 

Qaside has now completed 3 years of Stallion Testing in Germany. At his 14-day test in Schlieckau in 2016 he had scores for Interior 9.25, character 9.50, trot 8.0, gallop 7.0, walk 8.5, Rideability 7.50 and overall score of 7.79. He has since completed his final 2 years of testing in Munster-Handorf, consistently scoring comparable scores in his gaits and rideability over all 3 years. He has now earned his lifetime approval requirements. 

Qaside's mother, Verbandsprämie SPS Heliosphaere MD, was registered as a premium candidate with 54 points and the best half-breed mare. After a successful Mare Performance Test with a score of 7.97, she received her Staatsprämie from the Brandenburg Anhalt Horse Breeders' Association. She is the first dilute coloured Trakehner Staatsprämie mare.

Qaside's motherline has 4 generations in a row of Verbandsprämie mares, with 3 of those also being Staatsprämie mares. Heliosphaere MD originates from the highly-honored mare family of the Halensee, a branch from the Trakehner mare, Harda. From this dam line arose the licensed Trakehner stallions Harfner, Hartung, Hamlet Go, Harlem Go, Hohenstein I and Hohenstein II, Halimey Go, High Motion and most recently High Five.


Sire, Quasi Gold MD, was awarded the Süddeutsche Körung, and became the South German Champion of the 5-year-old horses and was a finalist at the Bundeschampionat. Quasi Gold MD performed extremely well in all 3 world young horse championships, has wins in his 5-year-old dressage horse tests in L and M Classes, and has also become a successful sire.

Qaside MD has been genetically tested to be WFFS N/N (noncarrier) and colour tested to be ee AA CrCr, thus he will only produce palomino or buckskin depending on the colour of the mare. He cannot produce smoky black.

To order frozen semen for this stallion, please click here. 

Conditions for Breeding

~ Frozen semen is sold by the dose. 

~ There is no live foal guarantee.

~ Not allowed to cover dilute mares.

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Family Heritage

Sire: Quasi Gold
Grandsire: Quaterback
Dam: SPS Heliosphere MD
Granddam: Prem Haubenlerche
Bellino Go
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