Zafferano 1325

2013 | 167 cm | Swedish

Approved: Swedish, Oldenburg Verband

Foals Accepted By: CWHBA, CSHA
Suitability: Dressage, Jumping, Hunter, Eventing

Price: $1350 Canadian ($950 USD) per dose

In Stock: SOLD OUT

Dose: 4 straws, excellent 1st cycle fertility
Genetic Testing: WFFS N/N (noncarrier); colour tested eeAA Cr

Zafferano is undoubtedly one of the most interesting young stallions to come out of Sweden with the bonus of a beautiful palomino coat. Bred with performance in mind, Zafferano has outstanding temperament, excellent rideability, charming charisma, personality, and brilliant gaits along with exceptional dressage ability. Additionally, he jumps well with neatly tucked knees which will be of interest to those in hunter breeding! Zafferano has repeatedly proven himself to have superior handleability and rideability in a variety of venues. Under saddle he is willing to work, honest, forward, and moves well off the leg. He is expressive and elastic in all gaits working through his entire body. His breeder has noted that Zafferano has been a special horse since the day he was born and always had that "something special" with a super personality, friendly and kind in the stable, with true generosity and is always a gentleman.  

At his Swedish test, Zafferano was the only 3-year-old approved. There, he was praised for his excellent temperament, high rideability, good gaits, and correct exterior. The Swedish stallion evaluation committee stated, "Zafferano will contribute with well-proportioned offspring with correct leg position and foundation. In performance he can help with light-footedness, elasticity of gaits, a good temperament, rideability, and willingness to cooperate." At his 50-day test in Schlieckau, Zafferano impressed test riders with his exceptional rideability, willingness to work, and easy trainability. He was 3rd overall at the test scoring an overall 8.4 and was awarded a 10 for his temperament, 9.75 for interior, 9.5 for willingness to work, and 9 for rideability. For his jumping ability, he scored an 8! Gaits were graded as trot 8.5, canter 8.0, and walk 7.5.

Zafferano's dam, Baby Doll, was trained to PSG, and earned her Elite premium title for quality and success of her offspring. Her oldest offspring (by Richfield) is competing at 1.40 m in jumping. Daughter, La Pinta (by Sir Oldenburg) she was awarded 2 Diplomas - once in dressage (scoring an outstanding 48.5/60) and another in Jumping (scoring even higher at 49.5/60)! Earning a Diploma in Sweden is already difficult and very few mares ever earn two. As is the trademark in this family, La Pinta's rideability scores were outstanding being awarded by test riders as 10 and 9.5. Additionally, La Pinta placed 7th in Kungakannan, a show to which only the best Swedish dressage mares are invited. She also qualified for Hornsundpokalen, a jumping show only for the best Swedish jumping mares.

Zafferano's granddam, C'est Si Bonne, is a Diploma and Elite mare due to the successfulness of her offspring in sport in both jumping and dressage. Her daughter, Duschesse, is competing at Grand Prix dressage with a junior rider, and another offspring, Meteor, competing at 1.40m jumping. His great granddam, Ikea, is Premium A awarded.

His sire, Zaladin MI 1240 combines modern, successful Dutch and Danish bloodlines. He is an exceptional representative of his sire, Blue Hors Zack, and the Ferro and Jazz lineages. Zaladin MI won his Swedish performance test at age 4. In 2015 he was in the final of the Swedish Championship at Falsterbo. Zaladin MI shows great talent for collection and is ridden by Jan Brink in preparation for the Grand Prix, currently with high placements at Prix St. George. Zaladin's damsire is Solos Landtinus (Landadel x Argentinus), a stallion with a distinguished career in both dressage and show jumping, earning him the Danish predicate of Elite Stallion. He proved himself as a notable sire for extremely successful riding horses, and as a result of this was named Danish Stallion of the Year in 2005. Some of his famous offspring included daughter, Larina Hom, GP dressage who represented Sweden at the 2010 World Equestrian Games with rider Minna Telde; Lazander, GP horse ridden by Marcela Krinke-Susmel; Pari Lani ridden by Wim Verwimp; and also Pacito Vedstedholm, ridden by Patricia Bottani.  

Very specific mention must be made of Zafferano's damsire, the Elite Stallion Bernstein, a very highly regarded stallion in Sweden. Bernstein 761, along with his sons, Bayron 885, Bolero 897, and Ravel 959, and his great-grandsire, Olympic Chagall 455, have all been on Sweden's top 20 BLUP index. Bernstein won his stallion performance test receiving 9s for trot and canter. High hopes for the performance career of this brilliant buckskin stallion were dashed when shortly after his stallion performance test, Bernstein suffered a severe, career-ending injury. His successes in breeding, however, caught the attention of many and through the successfulness of his offspring who Bernstein became the recipient of the Dressage Sire's Breeders Trophy. Many of Bernstein's offspring have competed to international dressage, and are recipients of Breeder's Trophy awards and Best in Show awards. On the 2003 BLUP index, he was ranked 2nd for gaits, 4th for conformation, and 7th overall with a reliability of 93%, and that year also ranked #28 on the USEF Leading Dressage Sires. To many breeders, Bernstein is the "Swedish Donnerhall". He is one of the most successful sires in Sweden, having produced a very high percentage of offspring successful in the Grand Prix big tour, World Cup championships, Olympics, and Young Riders competitions, and many years after his death, Bernstein was still ranked in the top 20 BLUP index at 143 and reliability index of 95%. His bloodline descends from the Hanoverian stallion, Utrillo, which was magic when paired with the Swedish mares, a powerful nick of success with a very high percentage of offspring achieving Grand Prix, International, and Olympic success in both Dressage and Show Jumping. Utrillo's son, Olympic gold medalist, Chagall 455, is found twice in Zafferano's damline, once as Bernstein's great-grandsire, and again as his maternal granddam's sire, providing consolidation of these extremely successful genetics. Chagall 455 produced 3 Olympic sons himself, Gauguin de Lully, Chapman 757, and Chirac 611, who all competed at the Seoul Olympics in 1988, all of whom have gone on to produce internationally competitive horses themselves. The Utrillo lineage is also responsible for producing the world-renowned Briar 899, multi-world cup champion, 3 time Olympian, and at one point ranked as the top dressage stallion in the world for 8 years in a row. In 2010, 4 out of 6 medalists were by Briar.

Zafferano's rich, golden palomino coat was acquired through his damsire, Bernstein. The dilute colour is directly traced to a stallion in England in 1665 bred by King Charles II's royal studmaster, James D'Arcy the Elder, who was the foundational breeder of the modern British Thoroughbred. Since 1665, Zafferano's lineage is that of pure Swedish, Trakehner, and Hanoverian breeding, and very specifically not through the addition of any pony or the eastern European bloodlines.

Zafferano will be of interest to Dressage, Eventing, and Hunter breeders in North America. He has been colour tested and is eeAAcr. He cannot produce black or smoky black.


Zafferano - a fantastic, charming stallion in a lovely golden coat.


~ 2017: Sweden: Breeder's Trophy Nominated.

~ November 29, 2016: Schlieckau, Germany, 50 day test - Overall score: 8.40; Temperament 10, Interior 9.75, Willingness to Work 9.5, Rideability 9.0, Trot 8.5, Gallop 8.0, Walk 7.5, Correctness 9.0, Dressage Ability 8.75, Jumping Ability 8.0.


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Family Heritage

(Ludwigs Champion/Sajdak)
(De Noir/Hertigen)
(Clintord/Blue Grenadier xx)
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Sire: Zaladin MI
Solos Landtinus
Bjorsell's Sack
Damsire: Bernstein 761
Chagall 455
Dam: Baby Doll
Diploma, Elite
Sister: La Pinta
Double Diploma
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